You are playing as a young girl who invented a time machine.
Navigate between the past and the future, and try to solve all the puzzels!



WASD or arrows to move
E to interact
Space to continue
Esc to quit

Made withUnity


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Really nice game loved the art style loved the mechanics keep up the good work :D

The art is really good, and the unspoken story really adds to the atmosphere of the game. The little plant you help in the past that gets chopped down for a bridge in the future? It's crazy how much thought you guys put into this game's story despite only having 2 days. Nice work.


This is an amazing game that I wish will be expanded on in the near future. It has so much potential. The puzzles are fun, the atmospheres are good, and I love the concept. My only small gripe is that it would've been better with sound effects, but I understand that this was made in two days.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Fun simple game with good puzzles! Hope you expand on this... I finished this feeling like I wanted more!


Great game!I really love puzzles! The game has atmospheric sound that makes it fun to play!


I love the artwork of girl sitting in the hourglass. Game is atmospheric, don't know if I would really call it puzzle, but the mechanism of time switching is nice and could be evolved into something great!

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked the art. :)

I think the game have potential too and I'm happy with what we done in the time given, even if it is a very long way from being a finished game.
thank you again for your feedback.


I agree with everyone, the game was really creative and with a longer version, more intricate puzzles it could be really cool.


Great Idea. I really like having to grow the tree, for it to be chopped down, in order to build a bridge from the wood.

That's super I'm happy you liked it. :)

I like the idea, it's very unique!

Lovely art. The atmosphere is quite narrative and make me imagine a lot of stories behind the scene.

Thank you :)

You game was amazing! I would love to play a longer version of this game..

Thanks! glad you like it. 


Nice Music and Artwork :D

I wish that game would be longer.

Thank you so much! me too.