Pass all the levels and make a dream come true!

You play as a house and your goal is to collect enough baloons before you get too heavy.
Be quick, Be precise,
And be sure to have fun! :)


WASD / Arrows  to Move.
Space to Jump.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, mashup, Unity


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While the controls are somewhat smooth, the fact that 90 percent of the time balloons are placed on opposite ends of the level makes it impossible to reach them all in time.

Second, could you present the pounds count as a floating point?

Maybe the difficult of some levels is a bit too high, but the baloons spawns is random, the only thing that i tweaked was that the baloons can't spawn in the same spot twise, other then that when you get bigger is easier to catch more baloons because of your size and the the breaking platforms mechanic.

the idea of changing the pounds to float is really good. I will implement this after the jam.

Thank you so much! :D 


Awesome Idea, loved the game. The controls were surprisingly smooth and the difficulty curve was perfect.